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A story by Emma

One day I woke up, it was a warm spring morning. I was still under my fluffy buffalo skin blanket. I woke up and put on my brown buckskin dress, I was bare foot, for the grass was nice and warm. I lived in the time of Chief Joseph, a fine leader to all. I went outside and collected some gooseberries, blackberries, and even elderberries. My mama was doing the same as I. My father was hunting with other men fishing for salmon and hunting for elk to bring back to us. “Blue Moon, come start the fire the people are hungry!” my mama called to me. I did so.

What we had to eat was berries, and fish, and meat. We cooked it in the fire to make it warm, and to cook it. My friend was doing the same. I cooked the fish for my brother, Baby Bear, my mama and my sister, Cool Breeze, they were all starving! At that very moment, a call was heard throughout the camp by a peace chief, “Come see, new comers, bring weapons!”

We all came very quickly. By the end of their talk it was lunch. “Blue Moon, Cool Breeze, go, make food,” my dad called. We quickly cooked the elk that my father brought to us to eat. We ate so quickly that we were done in one moment! We were all exited that tonight was the dance festival!

That night, I put on my buckskin and feathered traditional dress and traditional shoes, to dance in. The festival was awesome my father got to do a speech about how we can be a good community. And these words really got me: If we work together we can be a better community and build a stronger nation. “Father, talk very good, do again soon.” I told him that night.

The next morning was cool and chilly. I picked berries and then my father called me in. “Blue Moon ready,come on hunt with me and men.” father told me in a low sounding voice. We left on horses and I was on my own. We went up hill and down mountains looking for meat, but by that time we had came to the river so we decided to get out nets and fishing stuff to get ready to catch salmon to eat. There was a call louder that the river. Then a man named Fast Fox called,” Men, get weapons, elk hurry!”

My father then hurried off with the other men and I followed behind them. The elk fought at their attacks. One man pulled out his gun, I closed my eyes, and when I opened them the elk was on the soft green grass, and then I knew that the shot hit him and killed him. Success!

We all danced in great happiness, till we saw it, the huge bear about ready for a nice meal. We ran all the way back to camp, then we realized the we forgot the elk so three or so men went to go and go and got the elk. At supper we told everyone about our story. That night was nice and warm. We all did a dance in the field, a loud, hyper dance.

Trouble, man on ground, come fast!” Fast Fox told us. A man was lying there claiming he saw a mountain lion. We bandaged him but we did not care about the so called “mountain lion”. But we soon regretted that, then 5 mountain lions came and attacked the village, men quickly killed them but there was a lot of damage that they did. Chief Joseph was very sad he was crying about what we were going to do throughout the night.

In the morning the men fixed the damages, and the girls and I did our daily chores. By the end of the day everything was well again. My family was happy, Chief Joseph was happy, and I Blue Moon was very, very happy too.


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